Our marketing team maintains drive to media through Digital Marketing, Social Media, Infomercials, TV and Direct Response with 24/7 real time analytics. ​Strategic planning and targeted media buying are key elements of every campaign. After your advertising strategies have been clearly defined, we work with you to determine the best vehicles, rates, techniques and media outlets that will be the ideal fit to achieve your desired goals. 

We customize your social media roadmap, then our testing system allows us to test and post multiple creatives at the same time across all digital platforms. More than just an A/B split, we can test 10, 20, 30 or more creatives at once for the same budget while targeting different audiences. For a specific campaign we may test six different messages, each with video and/or images. By doing these all at the same time, we’re able to get a quick understanding of what works. This significantly lowers the time it takes to determine the control piece, broaden the message and promote the product properly.