Cold Mountain Group takes pride in our C-Store / Convenience Store relationships. Our representation stretches into all leading stores including  7-11, AM/PM, Circle K, Truck Stops, Gas Stations, Military and Concessions, including Hispanic and Canadian markets.  

Pricing can vary dramatically when dealing in international markets compared to US markets. We help negotiate the best terms available that are beneficial to both you the retailer.  We help you with SKU management for all your products, and professionally guide you into both the National and International stores.

We also represent you and introduce your products to our various distribution companies that work closely with us selling to hundreds of thousands of Convenience stores worldwide and will guide you direct to retail when distribution is not necessary, collaborating with you to strategize pricing and shelf placement for both your brick & mortar and dotcom presence. 

When your blue print calls for DSD (Direct Store Delivery), we also introduce your products using our affiliated drivers who go store to store on a bi-weekly basis to make sure your products are placed and replenished on the shelf properly so that your displays are being utilized to best market and sell your products. This analysis is extremely important during seasonal product transitions for the various holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.  During these times, products have a tendency to move around the shelf when new holiday products arrive, so it's important to pay attention to, and continually fine-tune your product placement.